Maintenance type: Hardware Upgrade
Time: 10PM to 11.00PM
Date: 2016-AUG-05

Action to be taken: We will Add new 600GB SSD Disk to this server

Estimated downtime: 30 Mins
We understand the necessity of uptime for you, and our technicians will be working as quickly as possible to complete this task. As of now our admins estimate about 30 minutes potential downtime.

Benefits of SSDs

The Traditional rotating HDD has moving parts and magnetic platters, meaning the more use they get, the faster they wear down and fail. 
SSDs doesn't have moving parts. So they are more reliable and last than HDDs. SSDs are more faster which can driveler up to 60000 IOPS [Input out puts per second].
At the end SSDs boost your website loading time.

HDDs can only deliver upto 125 IOPS.

Thank you.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

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