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CPanel Video Tutorials.

01. How to login to cPanel 16. How to use File Manager in cPanel
02. How to create a POP email account in cPanel 17. How to use the Disk Space Usage tool in cPanel
03. How to set your default address in cPanel 18. How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel
04. How to setup an auto-responder in cPanel 19. How to view your website stats in cPanel
05. How to setup email forwarding in cPanel 20. How to password protect a directory in cPanel
06. How to setup email filters in cPanel 21. How to use the IP Deny Manager in cPanel
07. How to enable spam protection in cPanel 22. How to setup Hotlink protection in cPanel
08. How to add an MX entry in cPanel 23. How to create a subdomain in cPanel
09. How to use webmail from within cPanel 24. How to create an addon domain in cPanel
10. How to change your cPanel password 25. How to park a domain in cPanel
11. How to update your contact information in cPanel 26. How to setup domain redirects in cPanel
12. How to change your cPanel style 27. How to create a MySQL database in cPanel
13. How to change the primary language in cPanel 28. How to use the Index Manager in cPanel
14. How to setup desktop shortcuts for cPanel 29. How to create custom error pages in cPanel
15. How to backup your website in cPanel 30. How to setup a cron job in cPanel



Softaculous [Auto Script Installer ] Video Tutorials

01- Find Softaculous in cPanel
02- How to decide which script in Softaculous is right for you
03- How to install a script using Softaculous
04- How to import a script into Softaculous
05- How to synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers
06- How to list all scripts that have been installed by Softaculous
07- How to remove a script installed by Sofaculous
08- How to upgrade a script installed by Sofaculous
09- How to change Softaculous' settings and email settings
10- How to install Serendipity from Softaculous
11- How to install WordPress from Softaculous
12- How to install WordPress MU from Softaculous
13- How to install Nucleus from Softaculous
14- How to install Dotclear from Softaculous
15- How to install Textpattern from Softaculous
16- How to install Joomla from Softaculous
17- How to install Drupal from Softaculous
18- How to install MODx from Softaculous
19- How to install Dolphin from Softaculous
20- How to install phpBB from Softaculous
21- How to install MyBB from Softaculous
22- How to install SMF from Softaculous
23- How to install Install Gallery from Softaculous
24- How to install Install Coppermine from Softaculous
25- How to install Tiny Web Gallery from Softaculous
26- How to install Install Piwigo from Softaculous
27- How to install Doku wiki from Softaculous
28- How to install Media wiki from Softaculous
29- How to Install Zencart from Softaculous
30- How to install Magento from Softaculous
31- How to install Oscommerce from Softaculous
32- How to install Cubecart from Softaculous
33- How to install WHMCS from Softaculous

cPanel File Manager Video Tutorials

FTP Video Tutorials

01. Configuring your website in FileZilla 13. Configuring your website in SmartFTP
02. Uploading files using FileZilla 14. Uploading files using SmartFTP
03. Managing files in FileZilla 15. Managing files in SmartFTP
04. Configuring your website in WinSCP 16. Configuring your website in FlashFXP
05. Uploading files using WinSCP 17. Uploading files using FlashFXP
06. Managing files in WinSCP 18. Managing files in FlashFXP
07. Configuring your website in CuteFTP 19. Configuring your website in FTP Voyager
08. Uploading files using CuteFTP 20. Uploading files using FTP Voyager
09. Managing files in CuteFTP 21. Managing files in FTP Voyager
10. Configuring your website in WS_FTP 22. Configuring your website in LeapFTP
11. Uploading files using WS_FTP 23. Uploading files using Leap FTP
12. Managing files in WS_FTP 24. Managing files in Leap FTP

RV Site Builder Video Tutorials

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